Bushenyi man in trouble for faking Salary Arrears Claim

A 40-year-old former teacher of Kitwe Primary school in Bushenyi district has been arrested on allegations of forgery.

Police says that Justus Turyamureeba, who retired in 2014 submitted forged documents to the office of the Chief Administrative Officer Bushenyi, in an effort to claim for payments from the District Service Commission, as though he was still in active service.

Malik Mahaba the Bushenyi District Chief Administrative Officer says Turyamureeba retired following several complaints of sexual harassment against him.  But although he received a retirement package, he took advantage of the posting of the new Chief Administrative Officer to submit documents indicating that he was still in active service and had not been paid salaries to a tune of  4.6 million shillings.

The suspect has since received over 20 million Shillings from the district illegally. Martial Tumusiiime the Greater Bushenyi Regional Police Spokesperson says that Turyamureba is in police custody and investigations into the matter are underway.

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