Joseph Kabuleta sues Fr. Lukodo for infringing on Freedom of worship

Mr.Joseph Kabuleta has appealed to the High court to declare the RFBO policy promulgated through the Directorate of Ethics and intergrity and promoted by the Hon Minister Lokodo and Rev. Canon Mwesigwa unconstitutional and unenforceable in Uganda because it imposes  a state religion  on Ugandans contrary to Art. 7 of the Constitution which says that Uganda is has no state religion.

It also infringes on the right of any Ugandan to practice a religion of their choice, manifest its practices and to join a religious body of their choice.

Through his lawyers Namars Twenda and Co Advocates, Mr. Kabuleta is asking court to declare  this policy unconstitutional, and to stop the Government of Uganda and all its institutions from enforcing and executing it and to stop the Hon. Minister Lokodo and the Director of Religious Affairs  Rev. Can. Mwesigye from promoting and enforcing it.

Father Lukodo is yet to have a say but we shall keep you posted.

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