KCCA Employee loses battle for job at the Authority 

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Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA may not hold any scheduled job interviews set, High Court has decided.

An interim order blocking the interviews that were supposed to be held on September, 30th was Wednesday issued by Assistant Court Registrar for Civil Division of High Court Joy Kabagye, following an application filed by the Human Resource Officer at KCCA, Paul Kasulu.

The application came after KCCA on June 6th 2019 advertised more than 200 jobs following a directive from the Public Service Commission Chairperson, Justice Ralph Ochan on April 18, 2019.

The advert indicated that temporary workers at KCCA (those on Local Contracts), where Kasulu belongs are not legible to apply for the jobs in question even though it was their job being advertised, forcing him to petition the Civil Division of High Court to defend his inherent human rights.

Kasulu in his application, stated that it is discriminatory, unconstitutional and unacceptable in free and democratic society for the temporary employees to be denied a chance to apply for the advertised jobs.

However, Kabagye this afternoon declined the requests of the respondents and instead allowed the interim application pending hearing of the main application which is before Justice Lydia Mugambe and is scheduled for hearing on October 22nd, 2019.

“The Applicant (Kasulu) shall remain working in his position with KCCA on temporary terms until the main application number is disposed off” the order reads in part.

The order further halts jobs advertised by the Public Service Commission until the case is disposed of.

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