Mc Kats to Drop Upcoming Singer Shammy K After Reuniting With Fille

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The self proclaimed King of the Mic, Edwin Katamba aka Mc Kats is reportedly dropping Shammy K for Fille Mutoni.

Insiders say Mc Kats has  not seen eye to eye with Shammy K  for days after reuniting with Fille.

“I am doing this for my daughter, Abigail, when Fille is fine, I know my daughter will be fine too. I believe that Fille being the mother of the daughter deserves the best manager and I am the one, I have been in this business for more than five years,” Mc Kats explained.

Mc Kats has been spending most of his time at Fille’s apartment in Najjerra, according to one of his associates.

A close friend also revealed that Mc Kats is no longer picking calls from Shammy K.

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