• President Museveni Urges Hoima District Electorate to vote NRM candidate in Upcoming District Woman MP election

    The electorate in Hoima District have been called upon to vote for the NRM candidate to reciprocate government’s socio-economic and political achievements made in the area. 

    The call was today made by President Yoweri Museveni, who is also NRM National Chairperson, as began a two-day by-election campaign canvassing votes for the NRM flag bearer for Woman Member of Parliament Businge Harriet Mugenyi Akiiki.

    Mr. Museveni noted that; “Roads have been constructed to connect Bunyoro Sub-Region to other parts of the country. Electricity has been connected to 10 Sub-Counties of Hoima district except Kyabigambire County, which will soon be connected also; education and health sectors have been fully supported.” 

    Adding that government is building Kabaale International Airport with a five-kilometre run-way in Bunyoro and said that it is an equivalent of Entebbe Airport.
    “The government has managed to record its achievements because it focused first on national economic recovery. Secondly, the restoration of peace and stability, and general infrastructure in the country”, he said.

    The NRM candidate Businge Harriet is tussling it out with the opposition contender, Asinansi Nyakato, of FDC for the Hoima District Woman Seat.

    The seat fell vacant after its former Woman MP, Tophace Kaahwa Byagira, decided to move to represent the newly created District of Kikuube as Woman MP.
    While addressing a rally at Kabaale Public Primary School in Kabaale Sub-County in Bugahya County this afternoon, the President reaffirmed to the people of the area that other developments, such as the discovery of oil deposits in Bunyoro Sub-Region, is attributed to the peaceful environment and NRM’s zeal for national development.  

    He said that Uganda is hosting a refugee influx from the neighboring countries because of a peaceful political atmosphere that was ushered in by the NRM. He, therefore, urged the people of Uganda to guard peace jealously.

    He used the occasion to assure tobacco farmers in the Bunyoto Sub-Region that Government is going to compensate them following the loss they incurred after selling their tobacco produce, worth Shs.36 billion, to a Kenyan Company   called Continental that had collapsed.

    He also thanked the people of Bunyoro Sub-Region for voting NRM in every election in the past and advised them to vote the NRM flag bearer, Businge Harriet Mugenyi, to represent Hoima District in Parliament as Woman MP come Thursday 26th September 2019. 

    Later, President Museveni addressed another campaign rally at Kigorobya Muslim Primary School in Kigorobya County.

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