Tacha: Marriage Is Not A Priority

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Controversial reality TV star, Natacha Akide, alias Tacha, has said that marriage is not a ‘do or die affair’ and should not be considered as a priority for women.

The controversial reality TV star recently took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on the pressure women receive in the society to get married.

Tacha mentioned that the mentality needs to change and she also asked people to “stop attaching too much importance” on the marriage institution.

In her words:

“Stop pushing the narrative that women need this marriage thing more. It’s not a big deal. And I hate the fact we’ve been brainwashed over time.“Marriage isn’t/shouldn’t be a priority, It is not a do/die affair! Y’all just stop attaching this much importance to the “union”. It is RINGS and 2 Adults. It Is NOT A PRIORITY. The Lame Ass mentality needs to stop. Y’all there’s so much more to this life than 2 rings and 2 adults. I beg you! If it isn’t working, leave.”


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