• 8 Ways To Make Your Song Go Viral As A Gospel Musician in Nigeria

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    8 Ways To Make Your Song Go Viral As A Gospel Musician in Nigeria

    8 Ways To Make Your Song Go Viral As A Gospel Musician in Nigeria

    There are hundreds of gospel songs or videos released on the internet every single day. Each of these artistes behind each song or video are struggling for one thing in common “Making their Song/Art go viral” which makes the completion even more tight and high.

    But with the right method and approach, an average or upcoming Gospel Musician can get their songs where it should be “Everywhere”. You can make your song go viral as a Gospel Musician if you follow these simple steps am about to show you in this article.

    This article contain real and tested methods that are used by most Gospel Musician/Ministers we are hearing their names today, be it Judikay, Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards, Tope Alabi, Tim Godfrey, Ada Ehi etc., all these artiste used either few or all of these methods.

    You too can make your Name/Art/Music/Song Go Viral by just following each steps and applying them carefully, most of these methods will cost you your time, commitment and your MONEY.

    Below are the methods you can use to make your song go viral as a Gospel Musician:

    1. Make Sure Your Song is Amazing:
    In the music industry, a song is likely to break even if it sound amazing and it all boils down to it’s lyrics, voice of the artiste, production, mixing and mastering.

    Nobody wants to listen to a song that is poorly produced, mixed, mastered or with bad voice and be happy. Let me ask you this. Let’s say you use your last 5MB to download a song on the internet and you later discovered the song is bad (production, mixing, voice and lyrics). Won’t you regret downloading such song? Will you every try to download a song from the same artiste next time? I guess not, I wouldn’t too.

    This is why it is advisable to make sure you sound amazing in your song with better lyrics, production, mastering and mixing. Don’t be the type of artiste or musician that will go around begging producer to produce a song for you 3k or 5k, most of these producers even if they are professional will intentionally mix or master your song poorly because you paid low.

    Don’t be afraid to spend your money on production.

    2. Shoot a Video for at Least One of your Song if Possible:
    Good visual is a way of showing to your fans what your music speaks about especially if it has a little drama in it. With this your listeners/viewers will get to know better or understand better what your Song/music speaks about.

    As an upcoming Gospel Artiste, you can shoot a standard video at an affordable price of 40k to 50k nobody will criticize you for that, just make sure you hire a good (if not the best) video producer. After shooting the video, Look for a Good or Professional YouTuber to help you post the video on your YouTube Channel.

    For Creation/Customization of YouTube Channel, Click Here to Contact us.

    3. TV/Radio Plays:
    These two platforms might seem old fashioned but they are one of the most powerful tools a Musician should use to broadcast their art to a very large audience.

    There are thousands of people listening to a Radio Station or sitting in front of a TV Channel every day and night.

    For a song, airing it on Radio Station is one of the best option. And make sure you air your song not in the local radio station but Radio Station with the highest Authority in your state.

    For Music Videos, Use TV Stations like ……

    You can search for these Radio Stations or TV Station on Google, Contact the one you would like to use to ask for pricing, if you can afford it.

    4. Digital Store Distribution:
    Digital Stores are platforms where music can either be streamed, purchased or downloaded, there are over 150 Digital Stores all over the world.

    By distributing your song on digital stores, your song will not only go viral but also you will earn royalties whenever your listeners stream, download or purchase your song.

    Digital Stores include Boomplay, MTN Musicplus, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. Getting your song on Digital Store is one of the most effective way of making your song go viral as your song will be all over the world.

    To Distribute your song on Digital Stores, Kindly Click Here to Contact Us.

    5. Do Giveaway:
    You can organize competitions for people to make cover of your song by either downloading your instrumental or the original song and record their own cover over it.

    Leveraging this method will give you three things:
    More people will download your original song
    More people will listen to your song either the original one or the cover and;
    More people will follow you (become your fan), if your song is Amazing
    How do you achieve this? A budget of 20k will be enough, You can stake prizes as this: 1st Winner Wins 10k, 2nd Winner Wins 5k, 3rd Winner Wins 3k and as bonus, 4th Winner Wins 2k.

    How do you judge? You can judge with the number of view and likes a cover has.
    Where Can You Do This Challenge? Online – Instagram,

    6. Distribute Your Song/Video on Pitakwa360.com and Multiple Gospel Music Blogs:
    Blogs are great way to showcase your song/video as there are different people from different locations in the world searching for Gospel Songs across blogs on the internet each day.

    There are over 200 Gospel Music Blogs on the internet in Nigeria where you can distribute your song, having your song on at least 20 of these blogs will give your music a chance to go viral.

    One advice I will give you is to never distribute your song on blogs whose main focus are Secular Songs/music, this will lower engagement with your music.

    Like to promote your song with us? Contact us Here.

    7. Advertisement on Social Media (Facebook/Instagram):
    Social Media is a great way if sharing contents and getting engagement. With the use of social media a lot of business owners or companies were able to take their business to the next level.

    You too as a Gospel Musician can use this medium to make you song go viral. Aside sharing your content/music on your timeline frequently on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter there is a powerful tool hidden in each of these media which is the power of Advertisement.

    The best thing about Advertising on Social media is that you can show your adverts to a Targeted Audience, that is, as a Gospel musician, you can choose to advertise your music to only Gospel Music Lovers, in a particular area you want which will increase your chances of getting discovered. This is amazing right?

    Facebook and Instagram Advertisement will be the best option for you as a Gospel Musician as their charges are cheaper than Twitter’s Charges.

    8. Dust and Re-Do:
    Yes, you heard me right, Making it in the music industry is not something to sleep and wake up to, you have to work hard, spend a lot of time and money.

    If you follow few of these step for one of your song and you didn’t hit the gold, Do it all over again for your next song, trust me if you try it twice or thrice for your songs, You Will surely find yourself in the SPOTLIGHT.

    Thank you for your time and also thank you for learning from me.

    For Suggestions, Questions or Recommendations, Kindly Drop your Comments Below.


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