Hyperholic Concept (Pitakwa360 Hype)

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Needless to say everybody is in love with Pictures because it says a thousand words in just one click and flash of light. Introducing to you “Hyperholic Concept”, they are more than just a picture.

Hyperholic Concept is an Entertainment and promotional hub mostly based on Modelling through photo concepts and Hypes.

Hyperholic was created on April 14th 2018 and has experienced great growth over the last few months.. especially with all the dope pictures we have been seeing on social media and other platforms.

This group of creative minds transformed Kenpoly into a campus with style (Kenpoly sabi d tin) and placed it on the map again after so many glitches in the entertainment sector of the institution.

Hyperholic has been hyping so many business (Magique Cinema) and various promotions of many Pitakwa Entertainers and transforming Kenpoly Students’ week by introducing the brand “Kenpoly Hypes”.

The brand “Kenpoly Hypes” by Hyperholic had a sold out pop up contents during the just concluded “Kenpoly Bole & Jean Carnival” put together by the SUG, and partnered by TotallyGEG.

Hyperholic aims at producing the greatest movies in Nigeria and beyond, you can see that through the concept of these guys.

Hyperholic is more than a picture. it is an Attitude!

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Grab a snack, sit back, Feast your eyes and minds with the creative pictures from The Hyperholics below;

Photo Credits:
BeniKings Media
Geniq Fotos

Author: Maxwell