• Pa Gidi Expressions: It’s December Again

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    It’s December again, and I’m alone
    In my room chronicling about the events
    And stories that have shaped my life in the
    Times before now.

    It only seems like yesterday when I began
    A journey into my past to dig out the problems
    That has bedeviled my life, obstructing the
    Very nature of my existence.

    Three years ago, on this same day in the
    City of Lagos, I was lost into a world of
    Depression, and I couldn’t think I could
    Find anyone to talk to.

    A day before, I had tried explaining my
    Silence to my supposed girlfriend, but
    I couldn’t get her to listen to me or
    Understand what I was doing.

    I couldn’t even understand myself, so
    Silence were my only words. With a loud
    “Don’t talk to me again!” from me, and a
    “I hate you!” from her, I ended a relationship
    I so wanted to stay put in.

    It was a phone call.

    I was dead. I was killed. I was buried. I was
    Murdered. I was destroyed. I couldn’t think
    Of a most preferred way to end my life, but
    I just knew I had been whipped off the surface
    Of the earth.

    Right there in the city of Lagos, I became a
    Hermit in my own home: a stranger who
    Couldn’t even talk to himself but just hear
    The words and voices coming from my
    Earpiece. My music/message playlist.

    In all these things, I could only speak to one
    Man. I could only talk to on single person. I
    Could only relate to one being. I could only
    Be understood by one soul. The Lord Jesus.

    Out of the ashes of my darkness and the
    Depress-full thinking of my soul, the Lord
    Jesus became an anchor of my life, and the
    Thought for my soul.

    And then there was sex, alcohol, and freedom.
    I became free to think again and reason with
    My soul. I became a free being, a free man,
    And yeah, you can call it a “free thinker”.

    I became free to think again and be happy with
    Who God had called me to be. I became free and
    Happy to feel the very life God had always wanted
    For me.

    But it wasn’t even about God the whole time; I
    Could no longer be held spell-bound by religion,
    Situations, and every ‘incredible’ opinions of man.

    My name is Gideon PaGidi Disu, and my freedom
    Has been given by me to think of me in a way that
    Would make me feel happy about me and see me
    As the best me that could have ever happened to me.

    It’s December again, and I’m alone in my room
    In the city of Enugu, chronicling about the events
    And stories that have shaped my life in the last
    Couple of years before now, and beyond.

    The story continues…



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